Thursday, October 06, 2005

Tribute to An Esteemed Man

This man is a very dedicated man dedicated to his family, to his God, and to himself. I look at him as though I would my father. Even when my father was alive I still went to my uncle for advice on many things.
Like when I was eighteen and searching for myself, I had decided that perhaps the armed forces would be a good option for me. I went to my uncle and asked him about it, he had served in World War II in the navy.He said to me, Mele most young men your age I would tell them to go ahead it would be the best thing they ever did, but I know your character and personality. Mele, he said you would come home in a strait jacket, the armed forces is not for you! Do not even think of it get a good job and stick with it. I have always appreciated his advice.
My uncle is man that walks with God, he is an excellent Bible teacher, though we don't always agree about every scripture he can still expound on the word to really give you the desire to learn more about that scripture or text.
My uncle is so very dedicated to his family, he is always ready to see each and everyone of us! He has two children a son, and a daughter. He has five grandsons, one granddaughter. He has four great grandsons, six great granddaughters,and this fall gained a great great grandson. The unique thing about my uncle is that he considers all of his nephews and nieces as part of his also. He will often look at his wife during a family gathering, "Skinny, look what we started, isn't it something?"
My uncle is so very unlike me, he is very sports minded always has been and even in his 80's can discuss sports with the best! He is an avid golfer, though his heart attack has slowed him down, he still has the desire to be on the course with the challenge of the game.
The one thing that many people will remember about my uncle years after he is gone will be his many sayings. One liners, little Texisms I think is what you call them! They are as follows: I have been to one goat ropin' and a county fair and I ain't seen anything like that!,You're as handy as a pocket on a shirt!, You know what you do when you start thinking? You weaken the ball club!, (Concerning the police) The do right boys!, So many more that we his family could come through with many more. (If you know him as you read this and can think of another of his little sayings add it to the comments section) He is a man that loves and supports us through thick and thin. He forgives us and helps us move on down the path of life.
I write this tribute to a man that has been a special part of me all my life.